Alwea'am Society distributed a new payment of King Abdullah II Makrammah

November,25 , Alwea'am charitable society in the northern region started to distribute the sponsorship of Jordanian Royal Makrammah for orphans in the Gaza strip.

The society's manager -Eng. Mohammed Abu Merei- said the amount of payment is 270,000 $ and 1500 orphans get benefits and added, this payment came after the wild war against the Gaza Strip and its citizen, where the society did its best to secure this payment to enable people to get their basic urgent needs.

In the name of board of director and the sponsored orphans, Abu Merei appreciated the efforts of his Majesty in supporting the people of Gaza strip during the wild war where he ordered to send many of medical convoys to Jordanian hospital that hosted by Alwea'am society also to send thousands of food packs and relief assistance.

in another context, Abu Marei calls charitable societies and the Arab institutions to offer assistance for the Palestinian people in Gaza as it is a disaster area and pointed out that his society is in need for urgent fund to begin emergence and relief projects so as to help the affected people of the war.