Cooperation agreement to rehabilitate Jordanian Field Hospital in Gaza

Alwea'am charitable society signed a cooperation agreement with Welfare society to begin partial restoration in Jordanian field hospital in Gaza.


Abu Merei said- chairman of Alwea'am society – said, Welfare society granted 42.000$ for the restoration of Jordanian field hospital in Gaza.
Abu Merei mentioned, the restoration process will begin during the next few days and said, this agreement comes in order to strength the cooperation with Welfare society which has a pioneering role in serving the Palestinian community so as to harness the available capabilities and possibilities to serve the Palestinian citizen.


In his side, Eng. Fadi Alhindi – the director of welfare society in Gaza – expressed his society's pleasure to contribute in restoration the Jordanian field hospital as part of their assistance for the health sector especially that this hospital provides it services freely since more than years .


It should be mentioned that Jordanian field hospital provide its services for more than Million patients since it began in 2009 up to date.