Alwa'am Society opens Alwea'am Sewing Factory

In its second branch – north Gaza-  ,Alwea'am society opened Alwea'am sewing factory.


In his speech, Abu Merei said " the idea of this project which funded by human appeal international as a program of rehabilitation and preparation that the society implement so as to help the low –income and poor categories and to contribute in supporting local society especially under the hard seigr and the destruction after the war in all fields .


 Abu Merei said," the establishment of such project was in 2012 but under the siege circumstances and ongoing closure and difficulty in marketing, the economic deterioration in Gaza, all these things prevented this sewing factory to work in specific time.


Abu Merei ensured that, this sewing factory will be as part of programs that seeks to make development in the life of the neglected workers in the previous years.


The director of the sewing factory Eng. Ayman Abu Shodoq ensured that, this factory start working yesterday and the factory will be available for various categories in Palestinian society , as schools , hospitals and rehabilitation centers with low and supported cost.


Abu Shodoq said, the factory has difficulties concerning electricity marketing authorities  and ensuring that , there is a working plan that enable workers to overcome these difficulties.


It should be mentioned that , Alwea'am society has many of sustainable charitable projects as agricultural projects and kindergartens.