Alwea'am charitable society distributes school bags and stationary

Tuesday, 21,10 started a campaign of distributing school bags and stationary for the year 2014/2015


Abu Merei –society's chairman- explained that this distribution campaign by the society targets number of  needy students where 300 school  have been distributed in the first stage of this project.


Abu Merei  added, the implementation of this project  targeted the most needy students in school of northern Gaza, which funded by Jordanian trade union with coordination with Military field hospital in Gaza.


Abu Merei  mentioned , the distribution of bags comes as a contribution to alleviate suffering of the affected families and this come as to complete its project that implemented during the war to enable the affected families to overcome their hard economic situation especially after the last war.


Abu Merei calls all global and local humanitarian institutions to support the students of Gaza in all fields to support them economically, socially … to enforce them to be strong.


In their role, Beneficiaries express their appreciation for Alwea'am charitable society and for Jordanian trade union also for Military field hospital in Gaza and all who contribute in distributing school bags ensuring that ,this type of project enable them to overcome their hard economic situation as a result of the wild aggression and the siege.