The arrival of the specialized Algerian medical delegation to Gaza

Yesterday ,''Algeria- Gaza-3" convoy was hosted by Alwea'am charitable society –north region- which includes a specialized medical delegation who will carry out many of surgeries for the injuries of the last war.

Eng. Abu Merei – the general coordinator of the delegation in the Palestine side- said, Today we have good news for our people in Gaza , the arrival of many of specialist doctors in various specialization who will carry out many surgeries in hospitals of medical services and ministry of health for two weeks'' and mentioned this convoy carries hundreds of tons of medicine and medical necessaries .

Abu Merei expressed his great happiness while receiving the delegation and appreciate their coming and extended his great thanks for the Algerian Olama Muslemeen society also for the people of Algeria and to the leader of Algeria who facilitate the coordination process for the delegation to enter Egypt.
Abu Merei said, " This convoy is the largest one which will enter Gaza and includes medical instruments which will contribute in carrying out many of difficult surgeries within the Algerian specialized hospital in Khan Younis in addition to many of surgeries within Shifa hospital".

In his side, Mr Najeeb Nondawi – the convoy's coordinator in the Algeria side" the convoy includes medical delegation which includes 15 doctors in various specialization , 14 religious man in addition to medical and feeding assistance which is sitting on the Egyptian side in Al-Areish airport since the arrival of the Algerian delegation."
Bondwi explained , the assistant was divided in to two parts " the first will carry urgent needs" through having medicine to deal with injuries as a result of the wild war in addition to a part that carries urgent relief assistance and medical necessary .

This convoy is as a continuation of the convoy " Algeria- Gaza- 2" that succeeded in entering the Gaza strip before Ramadan which included 5 containers of large size that contain hundreds of medical devices '' with estimated value of approximately 3.5 Million Dollar.