Alwea'am Society is going to receive a medical delegation which is part of a convoy of " Algeria – Gaza" the third

Saturday, 11/10 Alwea'am society is going to receive a delegation of Algeria- Gaza 3 which organized by Algerian Olama Muslemeen society. This delegation was led by Mr. Najeeb Bondawi and was received by the head of Alwea'am society –Eng. Mohammed Abu Merei – and number of members of board of director in addition to some of society's staff.


Abu Merei declared , " The Algerian Olam Moslemeen society has prepared this convoy since the first day of last aggression and this convoy is the largest which will arrive to the Gaza Strip " and said this delegation will include a specialist medical convoy which includes various medical specialists who will carry out many of distinctive surgeries within the Gaza Strip.


Abu Merei added " Today, we are going to receive a medical delegation to carry out number of surgeries in Algerian specialized hospital in Khanyounis city with coordination with Military medical services " and mentioned that the completion of this convoy and instrument will be in the next days since the coordination with the Egyptian side is going on.