Alwea'am Society revived the World Orphans Day for the orphans of the King Abdu Allah Bin Alhusein Makrummah

Thursday, 24,4 Alwea'am society – North Gaza- celebrated the world orphans day with a participation of Makrumma orphans.


It should be mentioned that Members of the Board of director , the society's staff , the workers of the forth agricultural  project in addition to orphan's mother and some of who concern of orphans  participated in reviving the world orphans day.


Eng. Abu Marhei – society's chairman-    said," this occasion came in the world orphans day that revived by Alwea'am society for the first time to ensure the right of the orphans in comprehensive care  through orphan's participation and planting Seedlings of olives , citrus in addition to Recreational activity in one of the tourist resorts"


He added " this activities is one of  activities that Alwea'am will implement this year within the comprehensive care program for Makrummah orphans ( 1500 orphans) and added while he was planting olive and orange seedlings " we want to strengthen the love of land, the love home  in our sons and orphans sole through combining them in these activities that educating them the belonging to land and environment".


During the activity, a girl called Hanaa said to her mother and pointed at  the place of seedling she planted  " Mumu" I planted that olive seedling , I will give it my name ".


During the same activity, another boy ( Adham) expressed his deep pleasure while he was planting the first seedling in his life , he said" this is the first seedling I plant in my life , Insha Allah , it will grow and I will eat Palestinian orange".


During the same activity, in other place, the atmosphere of joy spread in the place and orphans participate puppets  the moments of happiness and playing , we met ( Ali) who said " we want to play , we want to have a beautiful life as the world's children, and he referred to one of  his  prize that he win after the competition of tug of Rope that held during the activity.


Somaia said,  while she was wearing her glasses that she won during the same activity " today we are very pleased , we played on games , thanks to My Dad king Abdu Allah , thanks to Alwea'am , than you all.


In their side, Mothers of orphans expressed their deep pleasure for participating their son in this activities that organized by Alwea'am  . Um Hassan said - one of orphan's mother- this activity is different from traditional activities , we want more creativity so as to enhance the love of social activities in their sole , our son is like other sons deserving the best ,and on behalf of the orphan's mother  sending the deep thanks for the king Abdu Allah for his Makrummah for the third year and for Alwea'am society which organize this activity hoping the health and wellness for his Majesty and the for Alwea'am staff .