Under the auspices of Alwea'am Second Kindergarten ,a handicraft exhibition "Awal Almeshwar" .. with children's fingers was opened

Wednesday,23,4  Alwea'am second kindergarten opened a handicraft exhibition " Awal Almeshwar" . It is the first  exhibition on the level of the kindergarten in the Gaza Strip with children's fingers.


A delegation from  the board of directors cut the opening tap with attendance of some of  kindergarten's directors in the north area ,some representatives  of  nongovernment institutions that supported the exhibition , parents of children in addition to some elders.


Miss Huda Ahmed – director of Alwea'am second kindergarten – said , this exhibition is the first of our work in the year , and we choose to name it ( Awal Almeshwar) because we want to held another bigger exhibitions  and added," the exhibition is a product of ongoing of creative work during current year , we keen to secure a creative atmosphere for our children through activities of Extracurricular Education ".   she indicated this exhibition includes handicrafts works by children, by using simple material then recycling it , also includes heritage shows embodied  the reality of Palestinian , graphics by children , in addition to paintings that similar to various activities within the kindergarten''.


The kindergarten's directors gave her teachers some instructions to supervise and to discover the children's capabilities and putting it in the right place especially in this early age.


In his side, Ayman Abu  Shodoq – member of the board of director- expressed his proudness  with the children's works and said , he was surprised by their work especially they are too small and how they can do such creative things and ensured  such activities help in enriching the education  curriculum for children, and assist in preparing a balanced children in all sides.


In the same context, the manager of Jabalia association for social development , Mr. Ismael Saleh- ensured the importance  of such educational activities within the kindergarten and said " the kindergarten's director introduced the idea , we introduce what we can for children and her  as to support the education process and the creative thinking for the children who practice such activities , in the same time , he expressed the redness of his society to support the kindergarten in its process to fulfill as such distinctive exhibition locally or even globally.


During the exhibition, there was some of heritage sites, and some of poem show by some student in addition to the honoring of the  persons in charge and the participants.