Funded by " Interpal" Alwea'am Society concluded the project of the Distribution of Frozen Meat

First of April , Alwea'am society- North of Gaza- concluded  the project of the distribution of frozen meat for poor and needy families. The amount is 480 pieces of frozen meat with a weight of 1200 Kg.


Abu Merei – the society's head- said, this project comes in this difficult time as a contribution from the society and financed from the Interpal  in Britain.


Abu Merei  added " this project comes as to provide assistance for needy people especially under the  high prices and difficult economic  conditions and the spread of Malnutrition in Palestine especially within the Gaza strip also to enhance the idea of Takaful in the Palestinian community.


In his side, eng. Yusuf Isleam –  Project coordinator – ensured , Intepal  keens to implement humanitarian projects within Gaza, especially in the border areas to alleviate in assisting people to overcome their difficult conditions and helping them to face the unjust siege nd mentioned their keen to implement such project despite all current conditions.


In his side, Abu Merei  thanked Interpal for their  various humanitarian efforts in supporting the Gaza Strip and thanking them for their cooperation with Alwea'am in implementing many of charitable projects during the last years.


Beneficiaries  expressed their deep thanks for Alwea'am and Intepal and for who implement such project which has great effects on the sole of deprived families.